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Quality Assurance For Digital Agencies Of All Sizes

Delightfully simple QA testing. Done by real humans.

Do you need more help outside of your QA team? Just tell us your story and let our QA testers run tests for you, so you never dread a client call ever again.
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For digital agencies of all sizes
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For eCommerce stores
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For website owners
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How it works

Quality assurance used to be complicated and expensive. Not anymore!

UberQA transforms the QA landscape, bringing quality testing to everyone and cutting down agency costs.

Anyone on your team can write a QA story and set performance expectations – all without coding skills and in plain English.

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1. Sign up

Create your UberQA account. No onboarding or training is required to get started.

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2. Create your test

Write your test in a single text box. No need for QA lingo - use your words and set your rules. Recurring testing is available too.

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3. Check results

Review your test results as they happen, start and stop cases, chat with UberQA testers – we’ve got it all covered.

Your tests, your rules

UberQA is flexible and adjusts to your needs. Create tests in no time, set testing frequency and get as detailed as you need.

Above all, spot and fix issues before your clients call you in distress. Make your agency known for its exceptional customer service, all without breaking your budget or hiring additional tech staff.

Create your first test for just $12.5/hour

Why UberQA

We prioritize simplicity in everything we do. You don’t have the time and coding skills to run tests, so we do it for you via a user-friendly interface, at a business-friendly cost. This is QA at its most approachable and affordable.
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Beautiful and simple UI to run tests at the push of a button
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Real human interaction - there’s a QA tester on the other side of the screen
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No hiring or training required. Get started in minutes
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First-class QA testers experienced in digital products and technology
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No special coding or tech skills required on your part
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Faster test execution compared to traditional QA testing
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Recurring testing available for your ongoing projects
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Cut down tech costs dramatically without sacrificing customer service


Pay as you go and get available QA testers to work on your test cases in no time.



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