Drift chatbot testing

Drift’s conversational solutions and custom chatbots are one of the digital marketers’ favorite tools to engage website visitors and unlock the pipeline. With Drift, marketing and sales opportunities are endless, but only if you’ve got the setup right. Not sure if that’s the case? Let us do the testing.
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Why Drift chatbot testing is easier with UberQA

We test across all devices

We test multi/cross-platform and device compatibility to uncover any responsiveness issues with your Drift chatbots.

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We test Drift’s automated answers

We test your Drift help center functionality

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We test your Drift’s booking setup

We test your interactive product guides to identify whether new users can see all the support steps you designed.

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We test your Drift’s A/B testing capability

Drift’s A/B testing capability is a great way to test different bot messages to identify top-performing and engaging content. We test your A/B setup to ensure different audiences see the right messaging.

More ways to use UberQA

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