Intercom chatbot testing

Are you using Intercom to power your sales, marketing or customer support? A robust digital tool, Intercom can be challenging to set up and test for busy marketers and business owners. Enter UberQA.
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Why Intercom chatbot testing is easier with UberQA

We test across all devices

Whether your audience favors desktop or mobile, we test multi/cross-platform and device compatibility to identify whether your Intercom chatbot works correctly everywhere.

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We test Intercom’s automated answers

Automated answers are great for self-service but you need to go an extra mile and ensure your Intercom chatbots provide resolution your audience is looking for. We test automated answers, bot languages, time zones, brand/product customization and more.

We test your Intercom help center functionality

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We test your Intercom chatbot’s transactional messaging

With Intercom, you can send all sorts of transactional messages and we test them all – including their triggers and outcomes:

We test your Intercom product onboarding tours

We test your interactive product guides to identify whether new users can see all the support steps you designed.

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We test your Intercom Business Messenger

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